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Shin-Sil Bang is still jet-lagged after returning to the United States

<br> South Korea's Shin-Sil Bang, 20, is still jet-lagged after returning to the United States for the first time, but she leads the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Tour event on day two. Bang began the second round of the Chris F&C 46th KLPGA Championship ($1.3 billion in prize money) at Lakewood Country Club (Par 72-6554) in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, in a tie for third place, one stroke off the lead. She carded seven birdies without a bogey for a 12-under-par 132 total. She held a one-stroke lead over second-place Min Kyung Choi (31-11). Bang competed last week at the Chevron Championship, the first major of the LPGA Tour season. She qualified as a top-40 player in the world, and it was her first time playing in an LPGA Tour event. She shot a 65 in the second round to finish in a tie for fifth place, but finished the tournament in a tie for 40th place with a final total of 1-over par 289. She returned to Korea on the evening of the 23rd and immediately started the tournament on the 25th. Bang has fond memories of the KLPGA Championship. He was seeded 40th and had to split his time between the 1st and 2nd tours at the beginning of last season. Her first start on the top tour last year was at the KLPGA Championship in April, where she emerged as a star with a dominant performance as she was in the championship group on the final day. After finishing tied for fourth in the tournament, he won his first KLPGA Tour title a month later at the E1 Charity Open, securing his spot on the tour until 2025. She added a victory at the Dongbu Construction-Korea Land Trust Championship in October last year. Bang hit six tee shots over 270 yards in the second round. His longest drive was 283.9 yards on the par-5 fifth hole. "My legs were shaky (due to jet lag) and it was not easy physically, so I tried not to lose my focus," said Bang, adding, "I think I played better when I put my mind down and just played in a trance-like state." He said his experience playing on the LPGA Tour has taught him to "play aggressively." "I saw other players play safe and smart when they could be aggressive enough, and I learned that," he said, adding, "I think it was a new challenge and a good experience for me to go overseas for the first time." Park Min-ji (26), playing in her first tournament in over a month, finished tied for sixth (8-under par), followed by Yoon In-na (21), Park Ji-young (28) and Park Hyun-kyung (24) in a tie for ninth (7-under par). [www.sportstoto365.com/](http://www.sportstoto365.com/)

Lim Sung-jae defends KPGA Tour title, rises from No. 28 to No. 1

After playing on the U.S. Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour, Lim Sung-jae, 26, is back in Korea to defend his title. Lim Sung-jae carded six birdies and one bogey for a five-stroke lead in the second round of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Tour's Woori Financial Championship ($1.5 billion purse) at Ferrum Club (par-72, 7232 yards) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, on Saturday. The South Korean, who was tied for 28th (2-under) after the first round, moved up the leaderboard with a 7-under-par 137 total to share the lead with Jang Dong-kyu (36), Jeong Se-yoon (29) and Lim Ye-taek (26). He holds a one-stroke lead over fifth-place Lee Jung-hwan (33-6-under). Defending champion Lim Sung-jae said, "I started on the 10th hole and made an unfortunate three-putt bogey on the last hole, the par-5 ninth. Other than that, I'm satisfied overall." "I slept well, woke up at 5 a.m. and am gradually recovering my condition," said Lim, who arrived in South Korea on the afternoon of the 23rd and has been working hard to adjust to the time difference. "It's definitely fun to play in front of so many Korean fans and it's always a big boost." Lim has two career wins on the KPGA Tour, at the 2019 Genesis Championship and last year's event. He also has two career wins on the PGA Tour (2020-2021). He finished runner-up at last year's Genesis Championship, narrowly missing out on the title. He draws huge crowds whenever he competes in domestic tournaments. "Even on the PGA Tour, they call my name, but they don't have this many fans coming to see me," Lim said, adding that it's something that can only be felt in Korea. "I don't have a problem with the large number of galleries," he said, "I've played in front of many galleries on the PGA Tour, so I can handle the noise because I've gained know-how." [www.sportstoto365.com/](http://www.sportstoto365.com/)

After 35 years, physical education is being separated from "fun living" in grades 1 and 2.

At its 29th meeting held at the Government Complex in Seoul, the National Education Commission (NEC) voted on Saturday to revise the national curriculum to separate physical education from 'Joyful Life' in grades 1 and 2, which has been a combination of physical education, music and art, and to create a new integrated curriculum, reflecting a request from the Ministry of Education. It has been 42 years since the 4th Curriculum, which was introduced in 1981, and 35 years since physical education was integrated into the 5th Curriculum, which was introduced in 1989. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have proposed a special policy to revitalize school physical education as the COVID-19 pandemic has raised serious warning lights on the physical and mental health of students. To promote physical activity during childhood, the ministries decided to separate physical education from "fun life" in grades 1-2 and increase the number of hours of school sports club activities in middle schools from 102 to 136 hours. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism presented this as a priority in the Third Basic Plan for the Promotion of School Physical Education (2024-2028) last December, and requested the KSC to deliberate on the 2022 Curriculum Revision Plan. The success of physical education in South Korea was at stake. The 28th meeting on the 12th was a difficult one, with debate raging over the issue of separating physical education from music and art in 'enjoyable life'. The strong needs and demands from the field, such as students and parents who want to be physically active, were pitted against the negative opinions of some members of the revision committee who supported integrated education. Two weeks later, the issue was revisited. With 17 members in attendance, 14 voted in favor of the separation of physical education at a time when children's physical and mental health is at stake. The amendment, which separates physical activity from "enjoyable life" and creates an integrated curriculum that includes "health and safety," but complements the goals and achievement standards of music and art in "enjoyable life," was passed. Lee Bae-yong, chairman of the National Education Commission, said, "There is a consensus that physical activity needs to be strengthened for the healthy development of children during their growing years. It is important to provide an environment where physical activity can be actively practiced in the school curriculum," said Lee. On the 25th, Lee personally visited the'Visiting Table Tennis Class' at Gupo Elementary School in Busan to inspect the school sports scene, accompanied by co-chairperson of the National Sports Policy Committee Irisa Lee, and listened to the opinions of school officials through a meeting with school officials. The NSC will promote the establishment and change of the national curriculum so that school sites can organize and operate the curriculum from next year. The Basic Sports Act, which has been in effect since June 2022, stipulates that 'all citizens have the right to participate freely in sports and physical activities without discrimination and to enjoy sports, the right to sports'. Among developed countries that recognize the value of sports, no other country teaches physical education as an "integrated" subject. The United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Japan all have separate physical education classes starting in elementary school, while Australia and Canada have physical education classes starting in kindergarten. The decision paves the way for South Korean students to enjoy the "right to sport" in school from the time they enter elementary school. The lifelong exercise and health habits that must be instilled in the lower grades of elementary school will now be taught in school classes rather than at a neighborhood gym. A priority policy that can no longer be postponed for the health of 'future generations' of children has finally been passed. Parents, academics, and athletic organizations have welcomed the news of the National Education Commission's decision. Children in grades 1-2 will be able to play on school grounds again. [www.mttotosite.com/](http://www.mttotosite.com/)

Tomorrow, 20,000 hearts will beat in downtown Seoul

The Seoul Half Marathon 2024 (co-organized by Chosun Ilbo, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Sports Federation) is just one day away. More than 20,000 runners, the largest number ever, will take off from Gwanghwamun Square at 8 a.m. on the 28th and run through the city's traffic-filled roads to Yeouido Park for the 10-kilometer race and Sangam World Cup Park Peace Plaza for the half marathon (21.0975 kilometers). The experience of crossing the two Han River bridges, Mapo Bridge and Yanghwa Bridge, in the middle of a strong wind (once over Mapo Bridge in the 10-kilometer race) is unforgettable. Along the way, acoustic bands and colorful song-and-dance busking teams will entertain you along the way. With more than 20,000 runners in the center of Seoul, there are a few things to keep in mind. The roads will be closed from early morning on race day, so it's best to take the subway to get there. Gwanghwamun Station on Line 5, Seoul City Hall Station on Line 1-2, and Gyeongbokgung Station on Line 3 are close to Gwanghwamun Square. Yeouido Park, the 10-kilometer finish line, is accessible from Yeouido Station on Line 5 and 9, while the half-marathon finish line, Sangam World Cup Park, is near the World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6. The start time is 8 a.m., but runners have until 7:20 a.m. to finish storing their items. After that, the storage vehicles will depart to their respective destinations. The half-marathon and 10-kilometer categories have different destinations, so it"s important to check which category you"ve signed up for. At the start time, the four half marathon groups (A to D) will start one after the other, followed by the five 10 km groups (A to E). If you do not wear the official bib issued by the organizers or do not start in the designated group, your time will not be measured and you will be disqualified. If you feel unwell or see a participant who looks out of sorts, look for nearby emergency personnel. You can also call 911 for help. They will be wearing a green and white cross on their vests. The time limit for the half-marathon is 2 hours and 30 minutes, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for the 10 kilometers. If you don't finish within that time, you'll have to board a shuttle bus provided by the organizers. It"s going to be sunny and hot in Seoul on the 28th, the day of the Seoul Half Marathon. It"ll feel like early summer with a daytime high of 29 degrees. The low in the morning will be 14 degrees, and the high will be around 20 degrees during the morning hours of the marathon. To prevent heat stroke, you'll need to stay hydrated during the run. There will be water stations every 5 kilometers. Fine dust levels are forecast to be 'moderate'. [www.casinositekim.com/](http://www.casinositekim.com/)

"They don't want to do physical training, they just want to learn skills... We're in trouble."

"It's a big problem, we have to go to the Olympics, but there are no athletes...." Jang Jae-geun (62), the head of the Jincheon National Athletes' Village, who is traveling to France to inspect the preparations for the Paris Olympics, let out a sigh on the phone on the 26th. With the men's soccer team also failing to make it to Paris, the number of athletes sent to the Games is expected to shrink to around 150. "It shouldn't be a big setback for the medal tally, but this (150) may be a hopeful number," he said. Jang is a track and field legend who won back-to-back 200-meter titles at the 1982 New Delhi and 1986 Seoul Asian Games. Jang blames "too much complacency" for the overall stagnation of South Korean sports and lack of international competitiveness. "I know that when Shin Tae-yong went to Indonesia to try to create something new, he introduced a lot of basic programs from his playing days," he said, citing football as an example. "On the other hand, we neglect the basics and physical training. Basic physical training is something you have to do endlessly during your playing days, but when we think we've reached a certain 'level,' we ignore it and try to learn more advanced techniques." In fact, when Shin took over as head coach of the Indonesian national soccer team, he set out to improve his squad's fitness, creating a training timetable that was broken down to the minute and strictly adhered to. "There is a prevailing attitude that basic training is old-fashioned, but we need to realize that the old days are precious," he said. "It's one thing to embrace advanced technology, but it's useless if you don't have the physical foundation to utilize it." "The domestic professional league has long since become a 'foreign (mercenary) monopoly' because they are concerned with return on investment," he added. This, he argued, contributes to the decline of domestic players' skills. He revived the dawn workout after taking over as chief in March last year. He acknowledges that it doesn't directly improve performance. "But I think it helps to improve our mental strength as a national team. The mind controls the body," he said, adding, "What's the point of saying 'world-class athletes train like this' if their skills are not world-class in the first place." That's why, during last year's Asian Games training, China temporarily shut down late-night Wi-Fi after hearing that athletes were not getting enough rest because they were playing games on their phones at night. "We don't emphasize, 'Run for the country now,'" Zhang said. They say, 'Run for your dreams, run for your goals,'" he said. "If you run for yourself, you become a national athlete, and if you become a national athlete, you wear the flag, and that's what you do for the country." He agreed that Korean sports are in a crisis, and instead of assigning blame, we should work together to find solutions. "We should criticize and find ways to make changes. If we criticize without an exit, athletes will get frustrated and fall," he said. <br> [www.casinositenet.com/](http://www.casinositenet.com/)

SK Hawks beat Hanam City Hall to advance to championship game for first time in two years

<br> SK Hawks defeated Hanam City Hall to advance to the championship game for the second time in two years. Head coach Nuno Alvarez's SK Hawks defeated Hanam City Hall 30-29 in the second leg of the men's playoffs (PO) of the Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-2024 Handball H League on Saturday at the SK Handball Stadium in Seoul. Lee Hyun-sik led the offense with nine goals and Ha Tae-hyun with seven. Goalkeeper Yunus made five saves. SK avenged its PO first-leg loss and punched its ticket to the championship match. They will face Doosan in the championship match starting on the 28th. It was a game of destiny with no tomorrow. The winner of the day would earn a ticket to the championship game. SK also had pride on the line. The two teams met in the first round on the 24th. The odds were slightly in SK's favor. SK finished second in the regular season, while Henan Municipal Government finished third. If SK won Game 1, the series would be over. However, SK bowed out after the penalty shootout. The second game was played. Both teams' aces were flying. Lee Hyun-sik for SK and Shin Jae-seop for Hanam City took turns scoring. It was an intense game. There were many two-minute ejections. The first half ended with the score tied at 15-15. The second half was a similar story. SK was the first to show their intensity. At one point, they went up by five points. Henan Municipal Government didn't back down. They started to chase. SK was in trouble when Ha Tae-hyun was sent to the bench for two minutes. However, SK stayed focused until the very end to protect their slim lead. Ha Tae-hyun, who was named MVP of the match, said, "If we said we were going to win, it didn't work out. I'll leave the championship game to God. I'm grateful to the fans who took the time to come to the gym and support us by watching the broadcast." Coach Alvarez said, "After this game, I told us to come out and leave with no regrets, to give it everything we had, and to leave with a smile on our faces. I'm glad we accomplished that goal, and we'll see what happens in the championship game if we work as hard as we did in this game." [www.safetotosite.pro/](http://www.safetotosite.pro/)

"Indonesian players wanted Shin Tae-yong"... Shin re-signs with Korean restaurant

![](https://files.readme.io/1368d83-image.png) <br> Shin Tae-yong faces his country just after re-signing. Indonesian Football Federation president Erik Tohir posted a photo on his social media account on Friday shaking hands with Shin Tae-yong. "We discussed the national team program until 2027 and decided to continue working together," he said. The president of the association announced the extension of Shin's contract first, which Indonesian soccer fans had been hoping for. He was also seen enjoying a meal at a Korean restaurant to show his appreciation for Shin. Tae-yong Shin's accolades in Indonesia are considerable. Shin has been a success story since his arrival in Indonesia. Since 2020, Shin has been in charge of Indonesia's national A and U-23 teams, and he's taken them to a level of dominance in Southeast Asia. This year, he's taken them to the point where they're on par with the rest of the Asian giants. The national team stunned at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in Qatar earlier this year. Shin Tae-yong, who led the Indonesia A team to their first Asian Cup appearance in 17 years, led them to the round of 16 for the first time ever. Although the challenge came to an end in the round of 16, he led Indonesia into the top 16 of the Asian Cup. Now, he's working miracles with the U-23 team. At the U-23 Asian Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar and doubles as a qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, he led Indonesia to the tournament. The tournament pits the future talents of each country against each other, and with Indonesia's infrastructure, it's hard to keep finding good resources, but Shin took the team to the quarterfinals after qualifying for the first time. The renewal agreement came naturally. The Indonesian Football Federation had initially set a condition for the renewal of the contract. Last month, Indonesia's TV1 News reported, "Despite Shin's Asian Cup success, chairman Tohir said he would only extend his contract with Shin if the U-23 Asian Cup reached the quarterfinals or higher." Indonesian fans rose up and criticized Tohir's remarks, which seemed to ignore the team's achievements. Shin Tae-yong listened to Indonesia's demands. Indonesian public opinion exploded with calls for Shin to re-sign, as the coach worked his magic again. "Shin has fulfilled his obligations," said Bola. It's time for the Indonesian Football Association to honor its promise." "Shin's contract expires in two months. The performance so far is no reason not to renew his contract. Many soccer fans are also hoping for a contract extension." Finally, Shin and Tohir agreed to stay together until 2027 in a Korean-style meeting. Not only public opinion, but also the national team players strongly requested it. Indonesian media outlet Tempo reported, "After the 4-1 win over Jordan at the U-23 Asian Cup, Tohir visited the locker room to encourage the players. He asked the players where Shin Tae-yong was going to stay, and the players replied, 'Shin should stay,'" said a behind-the-scenes report. Shin Tae-yong's confidence has been boosted by his re-signing, but he faces a tricky opponent. On June 26 at 2:30 a.m., South Korea will play the quarterfinals of the U-23 Asian Cup at the Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium in Doha, Qatar. The top three nations in the tournament qualify directly to the Olympics, while the fourth-place finisher faces an intercontinental playoff with Africa's fourth-ranked Guinea, meaning a trip to Paris is out of the question if they fall in the quarterfinals. After the quarterfinal draw was finalized, Shin Tae-yong said, "It's honestly hard because this is my first experience like this. I always sing the national anthem when I go to competitions and do my best, but it's psychologically difficult to play against Korea." However, the team's trust in the players has strengthened their cohesion. "Korea has good speed, stamina, and physicality," said Shin Tae-yong. It will be difficult, but we will make a detailed plan to break through their defense," he said, vowing to compete in good faith. <https://www.totosafeguide.com>

"Long break is poison" Liverpool legend says SON-Tottenham didn't lift a finger

![](https://files.readme.io/af1eda9-image.png) <br> The North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal has many eyes on the outcome. Tottenham will take on Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, on April 28th in the 35th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) season. The matchup is expected to be a high-stakes affair for both teams, with the season's results on the line. Tottenham, who sit fifth in the league, need to beat Arsenal to stay in the hunt for a Champions League spot, while league leaders Arsenal need to win all four of their remaining matches, including this one, to overcome Manchester City's chase. With a lot of attention focused on Son Heung-min's performance, the status of injuries on both sides, and other factors ahead of the match, EPL Legends' match predictions are also getting a lot of buzz. TBR Football in the U.K. reported on Jamie Carragher's prediction, "Jamie Carragher predicts who will win between Tottenham and Arsenal," on May 25th. TBRfootball said, "Tottenham faces Arsenal in a North London derby. While Arsenal have been in better form than Spurs of late, form could be an issue in this derby, and Spurs are well rested. On the other hand, Spurs are also dealing with injury issues, so anything can happen. Carragher also discussed the match and predicted how the game could go," he said. "Tottenham haven't played for a long time. I'm predicting a 2-1 Arsenal win," he said, predicting that the long-rested Spurs would lose to the Gunners. Carragher has a point, as long breaks can be just as difficult to maintain as a grueling schedule. However, Arsenal have played a grueling schedule, facing Aston Villa, Bayern Munich, Wolverhampton, and Chelsea in the same timeframe, unlike Tottenham, who have had more than 14 days off since the Newcastle game on Dec. 13, so it's hard to call a victory for the Gunners. Meanwhile, some English media outlets have suggested that Son Heung-min could be the key to Tottenham's victory in the derby. Enze Postecoglou's decision to play Son, who was criticized for his tactics against Newcastle, is also expected to have an impact on the game. The North London derby will be as heated as ever, as it could make or break the season for both teams. The slightest of margins could make the difference. <https://www.totopick.pro>

'Six innings of one run to six innings of no-hit ball

<br> ![](https://files.readme.io/50fc846-img1.daumcdn.jpg) <br> "I just cleared my mind and it worked out". A pitcher who could have easily fallen into a three-game losing streak has become a hero in the midst of a difficult season. The hero is LG Twins pitcher Choi Won-tae. LG was on the verge of a three-game losing streak after being swept by Samsung for the second straight day. Choi Won-tae, who starts on the 25th, has a lot on his shoulders. After earning his first quality start of the season against SSG on April 19 (6 innings, 2 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts, 1 earned run), Choi locked down a red-hot Samsung lineup with six shutout innings. He allowed two hits and a walk while striking out three. He touched 148 mph and utilized his arsenal effectively, including a curveball, two-seam fastball, cut fastball, and changeup. The LG offense, which had been plagued by a one-hit shutout in Game 24, finally got going. Kim Hyun-soo showed off his fixer-upper instincts with five hits and four RBIs, including a towering three-run homer in the sixth inning, Park Hae-min had three hits and two RBIs, including a wedge two-run arch in the ninth, and Oh Ji-hwan got his first taste of the big leagues. Leadoff hitter Hong Chang-ki completed the three-hit game. LG finished the three-game midweek series with an 8-2 victory over Samsung to take a 1-2 record. "I tried to clear my mind, and I think it worked out well," Choi said after the match. It was helpful that (Park) Dong-won asked me about things before today's game because we had a battery in the previous two games," Choi said. "My slider was good and my curveball had a high strike rate. His fastball, on the other hand, needs a little work." He also expressed his gratitude to catcher Do-Hwan Heo. "I'm grateful to him for always making good adjustments," he said. After two consecutive quality starts, Choi Won-tae expressed his desire to pitch more than six innings every time he takes the mound. Manager Yoon Kyung-yup praised Choi Won-tae, saying, "He pitched well with his changeup to break the losing streak." He added, "On offense, Oh Ji-hwan was able to bring the game to a close with a home run off Masu-girl, and in the absence of additional runs, Kim Hyun-soo and Park Hae-min hit home runs to bring the game back." <https://www.oncasinosite.net>

Xavi confirms he will stay at Barcelona after South Korea move

<br> ![](https://files.readme.io/4d113ce-image.png) <br> Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has decided to stay at the club. Hernandez, who was expected to leave the club earlier this year, will remain in charge for one more season. "According to President Juan Laporta, Xavi Hernandez will continue as Barcelona's first team coach," Barcelona announced on the club's official website on Friday. Chavi Hernandez took over at Barcelona in 2021 after leaving Al Sadd in Qatar. He was considered a key figure in the golden era after Pep Guardiola and won trophies, but the team never quite reached the level of performance that everyone was happy with. He announced in January of last year that he would leave Barcelona at the end of the 2023-24 season, with one year left on his contract. "I'm leaving Barcelona," he said. I've reached a point of no return and it's time for a change. I have spoken to the highest levels. The club will be better off with my decision," he said. When Chavi Hernandez decided to leave the team, he was linked to quite a few teams. Manchester United, Dortmund, and other struggling teams were said to want him. There were even rumors that the Korean Football Association was looking at him as the next head coach of the South Korean national team. However, since the announcement of Chavi Hernandez, the team has gotten back on track. While the team's exit in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League was disappointing, it wasn't a bad performance. Barcelona's hierarchy urged him to resign, and he eventually decided to stay. Following European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, numerous Spanish media outlets have confirmed that the coach will stay at the club. His contract runs until 2025. Laporta held a press conference afterward and said, "Chavi Hernandez has a desire to continue his project with the team. It's great news for Barcelona. Chavi Hernandez is a Barcelonan, without a doubt. He understands the Barcelona sentiment. Even though we didn't achieve the goals we wanted this season, I think it's still a positive. I'm proud to be associated with him." "Our project is not over. It has to continue. The main reason is to stabilize the club and build a winning team. It's not the same situation as when I decided to leave. We didn't win the trophies we wanted this season, but we feel strong enough. I have hope for next season and I think we are very close to achieving big goals. I'm a big Barcelona fan. Staying with the team seems to be the best option for the club." <https://www.sportstoto.link>