How to airdrop NFTs to users on Nifty Gateway


On Nifty Gateway, every user has a custody account by default. This means that a large number of NFTs in the system are held by a single omnibus wallet on-chain (this wallet can find it on Etherscan here). So the traditional method of air dropping something to everyone who owns your NFTs will not work out of the box.

To solve this, we have given users the ability to specify as an external wallet as the location that they would like to receive an airdrop too. This information becomes publicly queryable, enabling you as the project creator to easily take a snapshot of everyone who owns an item from your project and then airdrop items to them at any time.

You can also query dates and times in the past to get a snapshot of who owned which NFTs on Nifty Gateway at any point in time.

To see how to perform this query, check out our guide on how to get collector information for a project by clicking on the link below.